Monday, November 15, 2010

First video on YouTube. :))

Guess what? I just posted my first video on YouTube. I'm making a huge embarrassment of myself, but oh well. :))

You could go and watch it here if you're interested. Please don't make fun of me. :/ I did it purely for fun and experience. :D

Nicole <3

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nail Polish Haul

Hey everyone, it's been almost a month since I posted here. Again, I'm sorry for being MIA all the time. Same reason, I'm still busy with school and stuff since second semester just started. I haven't been buying a lot of makeup lately, I'm trying to save up for Christmas which is fast approaching. Aren't we all excited? :D

Anyway, yesterday I went to Chimes. It's a specialty store here in Davao which sells a whole lot of stuff. Stuff that usually see in the mall. They sell more like imported things. They also sell some high-end cosmetics which is cool. I passed by the nail polish section and was amazed with the selection. It was bigger now compared to the last time I went. Then I found these nail polishes with cute bottles, at first I looked at the colors they had, they had about 30 cool colors to choose from. Then I looked at the price, hoping it would be expensive so that I would not buy it, but then it was just P29.50, how couldn't I say no?

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It's called Diffi. I don't know where it's made from though. It doesn't have a specific name for each color too, just a number at the bottom.

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This one's M32. In real life it looks like a blueish-purple, and it's matte. Sorry for the crappy webcam photo.

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And this one's B22. It's just a gray color. This was the first one I wanted to get since I can't find a good gray matte colors from the local brands here in the Philippines.

Over all, I love it. I'm going back to buy more since it IS very cheap. :D

That's it. Thanks for reading. :)

Nicole <3