Saturday, October 10, 2009

A verrrrry tiny haul. ;)

Hey girls, just came back from the mall. Me and Aicha met up cause she bought a lippie. woot! Thanks for being my first customer sis. ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So anyways, after meeting up with her, I went straight to the cosmetics section, been a long time since I visited one. I checked out a sale rack with Cover Girl stuffies, my eyes caught the one and only shadow in the rack, and it was Champagne. Ohh yes, eureka moment baby. I've been looking for the perfect highlight color, and now I found it. I've seen xteeener and Duhpinayprincezz use this, that's why I got it. It was P114.95 before, and bought it for P99.95. Not bad. I also bought Careline's Glamour Eyes. It was also on sale, from P80.oo to P35.00, great deal! Though it's not as creamy as my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, it still works well as a sticky base. I also bought this because I promised myself I'm gonna start buying Philippine-made cosmetics. ;)

I went home right away cause my mom's visiting me. For 5 months of staying here in Davao, this would be the 2nd time she'd be visiting. My mom doesn't have any idea that I buy makeup using my allowance. Bad bad girl. Now all my makeup's gone, I hid it inside a big bag, inside my cabinet. Sneaky. That way she won't see the skeletons inside my closet. LOL.

That's it ladies, have a great weekend. :D

- Nicole <3


  1. Haha! I see myself in you dearie. Only it's my Hubby and not my Mom. I don't tell my Hubby that I spend sometimes on makeup. I've a special 'corner' in our bedroom where I hide my makeup. Paisa-isa ko lang silang nilalabas pag ginagamit ko para di halata. Bad, bad, bad wifey. LOL.

  2. Ikaw mommy Golden ha, sneaky wifey. hehe!

  3. haha

    bad girl nga!
    panu kaya pg dumating pa ung haul haul mu k toma

  4. Cute mo, pero you're really pretty IRL! Thanks so much for the NYX! I love the shade, its something new for me.

    Wawww! I have to check the cosmetic counters sa Gmall pala. I've been too dependent na on Ebay and Multiply. I need to get out more.

    It was really fun seeing you :)

  5. Aicha: Told you shocking color. Dami mganda sa Gmall, mga galing states. Lalo na yung skin care. Hay. I wanna try. Thanks for purchasing and for the time sis. ;)

  6. I miss GMall...:(

    and I'm hiding all my stuff not to my mom but to my hubby is very supportive even showing it all to her on webcam & she send me money to buy more...hehe

  7. lol! I hide my new-purchased stuffs from my bf sometimes coz he likes being nosy about me getting more makeup. hehe~

    That's really cool what you're doing. I need to remind myself to start buying Indonesian-made cosmetics.

  8. Philippine made cosmetics? Do you think they sell any over here in the states?

    Hahaha, sneaky indeed. ;D But I'm guilty myself. XD

  9. Awww, you're so cute having to hide your makeup! I use to hide silly things from my Mom when I was much much younger like the first time I bought a razor to shave my legs....haha...makes me laugh now that I think of it. I don't hide my makeup or clothes but I just don't tell my boyfriend all the time whenever I buy stuff - he doesn't get upset, he just doesn't understand or share the thrill!