Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready for some review? ;)

Are you ready? Are you sure? Like a 100% suuuuure? ;)

Just fooling around ladies. So anyways, TGIF, and hello weekend! Come on, do the chicken dance with me. ;D Man, oh oopsie, ladies I mean, this week was hella exhausting. I need to strive harder for the midterms, like real hard. Now enough blabbing, and on to the review.. ;)

Ehem. Presenting. My babies, Tea Rose and Indian Pink!

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I love this picture, it's actually my desktop's wallpaper.

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Indian Pink, me love. <3
Indian Pink's a pretty color, though I wasn't quite sure in getting this, but I had no choice that's why I got it. There's a lot of reviews about this shade, some are positive, some are negative. Some say it isn't really a pink color, more like an orangey color. For me though, it's like a coralish color with gold flex, and it's frosted. It could be an everyday lipstick, if and only if. you apply it with just a thin layer. I once read in MUA that this is like NARS' orgasm, just a lippie version of it. Well, don't ask me, cause I havent tried NARS. ;)

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Tea Rose, me love too. <3
It's now time for Tea Rose to shine. It's a matte, medium pink color. I like it cause you can build up the color, if you want it like a nude pink color, then apply it thinly, if you want it like a more vivid pink, then apply it thickly. Just like that. Now I see why people like this a lot.


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Left: Tea Rose Right: Indian Pink

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My 2nd attempt. Still, Left: Tea Rose Right: Indian Pink

See? I am totally inlove with these lipsticks, can't help but stare at them all day. I'm starting to collect NYX products now, cause I know it's worth it. So far, they've been living up to my expectations. I think NYX is underpricing their products, don't you think?o_O So cheap yet so purrr-tay!;)

3, 2, 1.. Pros and Cons Tiiiiiime! :p

-very creamy
-feels light on the lips
-very moisturizing
-glides on smoothly
-wide range of colors, from nudes to darks, from matte to shimmer.
-very cheap. (a lot of sites sell NYX for a much cheaper price than NYX's site.)

-not long-lasting at all.
-the smell. ugh! Here we go again with the smell. It doesn't have a distracting weird smell though, it just smells like plain lipstick. I could still handle that. ;)
-and yet again, not available locally. (NYX people, here me out, puh-lease!)

More pros than cons, right? That's a good sign. Goes to show that you should all get it too. It's worth it, I promise. ;) I wanna get more, I wanna get them ALL. Bahaha! Talk about obsession.

~That's it girls, I hope this review somehow helped you, though just a little, but at least I tried. ;)

PS, I'd like to thank Mitchy for being my photographer. Thank youuuu! :D

- Nicole <3


  1. I like the Indian Pink, It's really gorgeous!

    And yes thank god it's friday!! Goodluck on those midterms!

  2. great swatch!
    thanks for the review

    i like the nyx lippies but since im not a lipstick person so i just sold it..hehe

    no point in it just sitting on my drawer if im not using it.

  3. Me love NYX lippies too. Hoping to collect them someday *sigh*

    By the way sis, I nominated you for an award. Check it from here:

    Lots of love,

  4. tea rose is such a pretty color, i've kind of ignored nyx lipsticks and now i dont know why!

  5. i get them really cheap over here. i have both of them and i love them. they are not long lasting but i just layer and set them on my lips so they can last a little longer.

    i used to hate them but now i like them.

  6. ohhh tea rose color looks really pretty. Post about Nyx lipstick & swatches are really nice, keep the posts coming girl ^_^.

  7. nyx round lipsticks are great for the price! I have like every color lol also try out their lipglosses they are pretty amazing too =P

  8. Fallen inlove with your lippies. Especially Indian Pink! Keep on blogging sis! :DD

  9. NYX lippies are great! It's good that your finally got your hands on some!

  10. Lol, underpricing is fine with me. Definitely better than overpricing. :)

    Thanks for the review! Very helpful. Now to go to my nearest Ulta. :D

  11. Oooh, nice shades of Nyx lipsticks you have. I also like Indian Pink. Where did you get yours? I ordered online and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Hehe!

    Post photos of your wearing the Nyx lippies =)

  12. love your review dear.. following you.. :)

  13. i have these two! i actually just got Tea Rose recently. Great pics!

  14. i've been lemming for indian pink!!! where'd u get ur lippies? :D

    ur photos are really good! :)

  15. i have tea rose.. indian pink looks nice! =)