Friday, August 14, 2009

Seriously, an award? For me?! ;D

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The ever so gorgeous Miss Kessa Thea, awarded me with the Blogger Buddie Award the other day, and I thank thee sis. ;) I've been blogging for nearly a month and I'm really really reaaaaally loving it (Exaggerating much? But it's true. :D) I've met a lot of lovely ladies, and learned new stuff from them, and just by reading other people's blogs. They inspire me a lot, and someday, I wanna be just like them. ;)

And so with that, I'm passing on this award to these pretty ladies. I have chatted with these girls, and they're really nice. ;)

1. Gracie (I always chat with her, and she's one hella online shopaholic, but I love her.)
2. Thiamere (Me likey! I chatted with her, and she's uber nice.)
3. Tish (Pretty lady! And I love her makeup looks.)

Dont forget to check 'em out, cause if you dont, then you'll miss one half of your life. LOL. ;)

- Nicole <3

1 comment:

  1. awww...
    thank you so much,hun

    sorry i don't have that much time to go on ym, but i will one day

    so sweet
    thanks so much for the award