Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long time no blog. :)

Hey girls. How are you all doing? Just writing this post to share something. Notice anything different? O_o Go on, obseeeeerve carefully. Got it?

~Yes! I got myself a new banner. Woot! Gracie, who has been my friend in blogger for quite sometime already made me this. It was so sweet of her, she is really sweet, TBH. I enjoy our late night conference with Thia. Thank you Gracie for being so generous and kind. Thanks for being a good friend. And also, to Thia, thanks too for being a good friend, advance happy birthday. ;)

That's it ladies, just dropped by to say hi and thank you. I know I haven't been posting anything lately, but no worries, I'm still alive, just lurking around blogger. Take care ya'll. Sending out my love to all of you. :)

- Nicole <3


  1. wow!
    nice banner

    the best si gracie!

  2. no prob hun~!
    I really appreciate how you can make me look like a panda every morning haha!

    mwuapx ^_^

  3. Nevermind the panda eyes sis, there's concealer nman to save the day. ;)

  4. Wooo! Pretty banner & so are you! Hope you're doing well! <3 xxx

  5. Aw, your friend did a great job with the banner =)

  6. Love your banner sis. It definitely added some oomph on your blog.