Monday, November 16, 2009

A random questionnaire. ^_^

Just being random. ;)

1. What is the name you want to go by: Nicole
2. Your favorite animal: I honestly don't like animals. I'm scared of them. -_-
3. If you're deserted on an island and can bring one thing, what will it be: Lotsa FOOD.
4. What is your style of clothing: Laidback
5. What size do you wear (shirts, pants, dress; you do not need to answer this if you don't want others to know): Medium
6. Favorite color: Black
7: Favorite place for vacation (or relaxation): at home. ;)
8. Favorite make-up: Blush.
9. Favorite perfume/body spray: Victoria's Secret Endless Love
10. Favorite lotion and why: I don't wear lotion. :\
11: Favorite season: Summer
12. Favorite place in your apartment/house: Definitely the kitchen. :D
13. Your religion, if any (I'm just curious, no need to answer it if you feel uncomfortable): Roman Catholic
14. What is the best thing during Christmas, to you: People being all happy and friendly. Just love it. :D
15. Have you ice-skated or done any "snow" activity?: There isn't any snow here. And no, I haven't done any. :(
16. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
17. If I live close to you and we met up in person, will you ditch me or be my friend? (haha): Be your friend of course.
18. Describe what type of person you are DURING Christmas shopping, that is, if you go Christmas shopping: Thrifty. I make sure my money's enough to buy something for everyone.
19. When you draw a heart, do you start with the left or the right side? Right. lol

And oh, our Christmas tradition. I celebrate Christmas with my family. On the night of December 24, we all go to Church and hear mass. When the clock strikes 12, we all open our gifts, or go outside and see the fireworks, and after that we eat Noche Buena which is a Filipino tradition. We basically eat together as a family.

Well this was fun. :D

- Nicole <3


  1. wow, fireworks!? That sounds so much fun!!! =D

  2. hahahaha... likek you would say that you're going to ditch sweet Linda when you ever meet her!! that would be so nasty! :P