Monday, February 8, 2010

Facebook Rant. >:|

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Hey ladies, this isn't a makeup related post, it's a rant. If you're not interested, you can just leave. I respect that. :)

For 5 years, I've been an avid Friendster user. I remember using pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton as my default picture, LOL. It was fun, connects you with people. One day, I talked to someone, she gave me a link to Robert Pattinson's 'real' Facebook page, silly me hurriedly made an account and added him. After a few weeks of bragging to my classmates that Robert's my friend, he cancelled his account. I decided to cancel mine too because Facebook was just too complicated. I went back to Friendster. Summer of last year, out of boredom, I activated my account again, I slowly learned how to work Facebook and totally ignored my Friendster. It was fun, I got addicted to playing Pet Society. As months passed by, more and more people joined Facebook.

Now on to the rant. THE APPLICATIONS ARE DRIVING ME NUTS. Seriously, the pillow throwing application's flooding my wall like crazy. And all these nasty and nonsense picture that people put up and tag other people is just out of this world. Some even get images from Tumblr, post it up on their page and tag people, that's like stealing the work of others. Jeez, I know you can do anything and everything you want on Facebook, but can't people just think about others too? -_-

I'm sorry. I just had to let it out. We all have our own opinion, and, this is mine. :)

- Nicole <3


  1. I totally understand about that pillow hitting application! It annoys me! Seriously, virtual pillow fights?.. Gosh, I wish facebook will let users filter their wall posts like approve them first before they appear and before you get tagged. My wall is flooded, too. =(

  2. Bahh I hate facebook, I'm a twitter person myself :)

    I hate that FB games make you spam your friends to progress further in the game. I only play Cafeworld, and I try to keep the app updates in my feed to a minimum.

    And don't even get me started on those annoying people who tag me in random photos :| it drives me nuts, because I get a billion notifications like 'so-and-so commented on a photo of you'

  3. Yeah, Facebook annoys me... it's tried to get the attention of twitter girls (that's what the notification reminds me of). It's basically stalking others because EVERY SINGLE MOVE you make, commenting on someone's picture, wall, posted up a picture.... it's in the eyes of other people so I stopped using Facebook and sign in once in awhile to reply to people. lol.

  4. oohhh...I know what you mean.....I hate it when some people are selling some stuff in facebook & tag you...& those stupid applications hate it....I just delete it on my page.....BTW, your Wet n' Wild cream liner is in davao me for

  5. Yeah sometimes I really just don't bother with Facebook, sometimes it's just not worth the time I spend on it..but then again I'm the antisocial type. LOL. I prefer to lurk.

    The applications really are annoying but thankfully nobody really bothers me all that much with them since I don't really post on any walls etc etc

  6. Hi there!
    Just stumbled upon your blog!
    I noticed your nick name is Nikki too :)
    my nick name is also Nikki, however my real name is Nicolette not Nicole :)

    Anyways, feel free to visit my blog too:

    Nikki (your name twin) lol

  7. I just signed up for a facebook account last month. Honestly, until now, I still can't figure it out. I just upload pics and that's it. Anyway, I don't really have the time to learn more about it. Heck, I don't even have the spare time to check my old friends' page. Hmm.. I hope I can relate to you someday (about the tag thingie) but I agree, stealing other people's photo is not good.

    Lots of love,