Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rant isn't my thing..

But dear oh dear, this article just drove me nuts. Thanks to Thia for sharing this.

Blogging is my secret hideaway. People I know in real life doesn't have any idea I have one. I guess I just don't want them to know what I've been doing. This blog is especially made for ya'll lovely ladies on blogger, and not people I know in real life.

So what drove me into making my own blog? Well, I started out as a reader. Just reading and lurking around people's blogger. I noticed how friendly and kind people were to each other. Just by reading blogs, you could learn anything and everything under the sun: beauty, fashion, life, you name it. I found all these very interesting which led me to making my own blog. The main purpose of all these is to continue helping out and inspiring other girls.

Starting out was pretty easy, I felt that sense of belongingness. I guess it's because of the warm welcome people give you. I know it's weird though, all these ladies being really nice to you when you don't even know each other in real life. After months of blogging, I finally understood why. We are all here because of one reason, we love makeup, fashion, beauty stuff. That's all our common denominator why we get along so well. All these ladies here, I treat them as if they were all my sisters. Sisters that I never had. This is like my 2nd family, while MakeupAlley's my 3rd. ;)

We do what we do to help other ladies. We make reviews out of our personal experiences, a review from a 'normal' person's point of view. Not because we're not makeup artist doesn't mean we can't make one. Not because we're not makeup artist doesn't mean we can't put on makeup, and use great products. We don't go out here and claim that we're professional makeup artists. Although some of our friends here are, but they don't brag about how they work as a professional makeup artist. They keep their feet on the ground and act as if they were normal. Not like others who's using their profession just to be noticed, or to feel like they're on top. I'm sorry to say this though, you're not on top. We are all equal.

I say, fuck off and leave beauty bloggers alone. We all love what we're doing and no one could stop us, not even a 'professional makeup artist'. Sheesh. Seriously? Throwing a question 'Is Blogging the new media?' is just plain dumb. Can't think of any topic to put up on your site? Then think harder next time. Better yet, research harder.

PS, blogger ladies, ya'll are awesome. Keep doing what you're doing. ILY. :)

I'm sorry if this post seems like it's not well-written. The article pissed the hell out of me. Goes to show this isn't journalism after all. I hope this made a little sense though. I'm sorry.

We all have our own views and opinions, learn to respect it.

- Nicole <3


  1. awww, blog sisters! =]

    I know how you feel about this. It seems like the writer of that blog post was looking down on anyone who isn't professional and have a "license." It's really unfair of her to be looking at a couple of blog posts and then make a consumption about it. Although I do respect that lady who wrote it, she disrespected everyone else and it's just not fair! She didn't cite which blog posts she wrote. There are really good blog posts out there who gives great depth into details about products and not how she said it, we go into the chemistry of it all.

    I don't think it pissed me off as much as everyone else who read the article BUT it did made me feel disrespected at some sort of level. I can see her point of being upset, the way she word it made it seem like she doesn't have enough followers or something and so she's ranting on other beauty bloggers who don't have the license to be a professional make-up artist. That lady needs to read more blog posts.

    By the way, I don't blog because of all that.... I blog because I was upset and thought it was time to start blogging (like xanga) where I met some really nice and sweet girls who I've became friends with =]

  2. Awe! Nice post! You tell them! My friends don't know I blog too.. I stopped years ago, and started again.. I love reading other people's opinions, experiences, etc.. I think it's interesting, and awesome that they share it. I love writing too, so it's another way for me to vent out sometimes. Keep it up!

  3. I'm just as peeved as you are! Here's my post about it too! I also commented on the original post because the author needs to hear what we have to say in our defense.

  4. i agree with you completely, this person needs to lighten up:L

    we're doing reviews from a non-biased point of view, its what we offer that professionals in the make up industry don't.

    love your blog:) xx

  5. That article made me so angry >=| she fails to understand that we like hearing personal opinions, not opinions from MUA's on their high horse who aren't using the products for the same reasons as us

  6. I understand. I actually prefer reading reviews from NON MUAs because I feel like I'm reading a more honest opinion based from experience. And I like doing the same too. So I could also somehow help others as well.

  7. This article also ticked me off and I also posted a response to it.

    She was completely ridiculous in her claims.