Saturday, July 18, 2009

ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base

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I'm on the hunt for the perfect eyeshadow base. But, UDPP and TFSI waaaay too expensive, and I'm just a student, with no extra $$$. On the other hand, I've read a lot of good reviews about the ARTDECO eyeshadow primer, and I'm dying to get my hands on one of those. It's by far the cheapest primer that I know, and I wanna try it so bad. So anywho, we have an ARTDECO stand in one of the malls here in Davao, unfortunately, they have no eyeshadow base. I think the SL doesnt even know what that is. Probably out of stock?o_O I dont think so, i've been checking the stand for months, but still no eyeshadow base.-_- I guess I'll just have to wait a little more huh? PATIENCE WOMAN, PATIENCE! :))

This was just some random post. I should be studying by now, but I'm not. D: Oh well, I gotta go, I have to study my ass out. Have a great weekend Chicas. Ciao! :D

-Nicole <3


  1. i haven't tried artdeco base too...
    as soon as i finished my UDPP, ill make sure that i try this..

    i hope that it would be available in that shopping mall asap

  2. ohh. you got artdeco there sis? lucky you. i think our shopping mall's not gonna have the eyeshadow base, just the eyeshadows. bummer. anyways, sabihan mo ako what you think after you get it sis ha? ;)

  3. kulitin mo ng kulitin sis...
    this is the only base i have, and it pretty much works for me... my e/s stays longer than i expect them to be :)

  4. i know. bka gs2 mung SL na gamitan ko sya ng kulit powers ko. nako! patay sya. :))

  5. aaww, that's sad, I have one, and it's a little hard to find sis,. its alsmost always out of stock also here in Manila. I'd be a good samaritan, I'll check out the mall this week and get one for you,.

  6. shatzlaine: aww. that's so sweet of you. Thank you. :)

  7. i love the artdeco base.
    its lovely.
    more than lovely. xD

  8. L to the inh: really? you're making want the base sooo bad. lol. :)