Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey hey chicas! you're probably thinking like, 'who the heck is this girl?!'. so before I start off, I'ma tell you a little about myself. My name is Nicole, a 17 year old chica from GenSan, but is currently living in Davao because of my studies, and yes, I am a BSN student.
Im new with this blog thing, so excuse me for the ignorance.;) I love love looooove MAKEUP! or anything that has something to do with beauty. and oh! also fashion. Im a youtube addict, I think I have watched each and every haul, review and tutorial on youtube. bahaha! just kidding. ;) I love colors, idk if that made sense, but i looove all the colors. lol. that was random.
Anyways, i hope ya'll enjoy reading my blog. As what I've said, I'm a newbie, so im sorry if it doesnt go well. Thanks for having the time to visit my blog site. Have a great day, and dont forget to smile chicas! :D :D :D
-Nicole <3


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging...

    Start following other blogs so you get a feel of what's in it and join giveaways too. Hehehe! That will help you in your makeup and beauty product collection...

    You can join mine:

  2. i just followed you. hope you follow me too. ;)

  3. hey there!!thanks for following me :)
    wow you're already in uni at 17!that's smart!
    anyway, welcome to the blogwonderland!
    i'll follow you and stick around for your other posts.

  4. Manju: it's like that here in the philippines. thanks by the way. whats your name sissie? :D

  5. really?that's so cool!you get to graduate from uni really early then. i feel old now haha
    my name is really just 'Manju'. i explained it here:
    long explanation >_<
    anyway, i tagged you on my blog!
    have a fun weekend :)

  6. Manju: i'd graduate at 20, i think. o.O that is if i'd do good and not fail. lol. thanks for tagging me. :D

  7. Hey, a fellow filipina! Hello there?! We can be friends, you know! :)