Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I need your suggestions ladies. Please and Thank You. :)

Good morning lovely chicas! Happy 22nd of July. OMG. July's gonna end soon?! D: Well that was fast huh? So anyways, our university doesn't have class for like 3 days. Add the weekend, and that gives me 5 days of freedom! Woot! So later, I'm gonna be going home, back to my city, which gives me three hours, just sitting on a bus, doing nothing, nothing at all. With no laptop, and no cellphone (FYI, my phone was stolen about 2 or 3 weeks ago, it was snatched by 2 guys with a motorcycle. I know, right? Tragic. -_-).

Alrighty, let's get to the main point, shall we? This post is all about NYX again. Yes, I know. I'm a NYX whore, I'm sorry, can't help it. I'm enamored. I'd just like to hear from you ladies, what is your favorite NYX round lipstick, round lipgloss and mega shine lipgloss? That's it, if you have any suggested shades, just leave a comment below. Thanks ya'll. Have a great week everyone, keep safe! :]

- Nicole <3


  1. hey sweetie!how's it going? havent got my timetable yet, but i shud be finished end of august or so. >_< grrrrr hate exams!!!!!
    but look forward to the giveaway okay :)
    as for Nyx, i dont have that many Nxy products, only 2 glosses.
    i've got the sheer gloss in baby pink, i like that one. n i've got the super volume lip plumper as well, but duhh it doesn't really give that much of a plumping effect, i'd rather use too-faced lip injection.
    you're making me want to try out more Nyx products now haha. which ones r your faves?
    3hrs doing nothing on a bus is a lot! i hope for your sake there's some Hot guys in that bus, maybe some eyecandy would be a distraction haha

  2. Hey, Nicole!
    Ok, so my fav NYX round lipstick: Tea Rose
    Round lipgloss: Shiny Ice
    Mega shine lipgloss: sweet heart.

  3. 3 hours on the bus?! yuck!! mmm time to catch up on sleep then! hehe!

  4. awww. I hoped you cancel your phone already! Well, I can't help you on the NYX since I haven't purchased any. People say I can purchase NYX products in like drugstores here but I haven't found any. I know I saw the products in stores before but I guess they already took it off the shelves.

  5. I love NYX round l/g in real nude. :)

  6. Manju: Good luck with your exams. Break a leg. ;) I know, I hope there's some hot guy, that would make my trip less tiring. lol. You should go get some NYX though, it's sooo nice. I only got 2 lipgloss, and my fave is lollipop.;)

    Nikole: I ordered tea rose, and its arriving real soon. :D Sweetheart on the other hand didn't work for me.

    Pop Champagne: I knoooow, that's such a pain in the ass. literally. -_-

    xoladiihoneyxo: that sucks. same here, no NYX available, locally. Why dont you order online? :)

    Chrissy: sis, is the real nude, really a nude color? o.O

  7. Hey there (: Thanks so much for following my blog! :D Ooo 5 day weekend hehe.

    And as for NYX lip products, I haven't tried their lipgloss but I have a couple of the round lipsticks and I looove them! Pecan Pie is my fave shade (does this awesome nude lip) that I did a review of awhile ago. What's your fav? (:

  8. e.motion in motion: you're welcome. ;) Pecan Pie? I'ma add that to my list. thanks. :D I dont have any lipstick from NYX, only glosses. my fave's the mega shine lipgloss in lollipop. :)

  9. Heey thanks for following my blog! Sounds like you got an awesome blog going here ;) Unfortunately, I have yet to try NYX lippies. :S Maybe you have a good suggestion of one for me? ;)

  10. .maitai: Hiyee girl. thanks. :) Anywaysm it kinda depends on the shade that you prefer. ;)

  11. Thanks for the follow :D*

  12. thanks for following! i love your blog background :D very artsy!

    gloss: beige
    lipstick: tea rose

    ekimura had some great swatches up a few days ago xD http://ekimura.blogspot.com might have to go look at her older posts but it was fairly recent.

  13. Heya! I'm not a lipstick person but my favorite Megashine gloss is LaLa. ^^ I own a couple of NYX lipsticks.. some pretty pinks are Margarita and Doll (which is a bit darker). Hmm.. and I use Honey sometimes for a nude lip.. I'm not really sure how it compares to the other nude color, Circe, though. D:

  14. Hi sis! Thanks for commenting on my site.

    Hmmm, I really can't suggest any NYX round lipstick, round lipgloss or mega shine lipgloss as I haven't tried them yet. Their only product that I've tried is their Diamond Sparkle lipgloss. Sis, if you want swatches of NYX lippies, try visiting http://liglosskitty.blogspot.com.. She has LOTS of NYX swatches, if not complete. Hope this helps.

  15. Hi Nicole! Thanks for following.. my fav NYX round lipstick is herades, round lipgloss: apricot, and mega shine lipgloss: smokey look. NYX is awesome!! :)

  16. I only have one NYX lipstick and it's in shade B52.
    Apparently it's a best seller and since NYX isn't available in my country, Malaysia, I had to decide based on other blogger's swatches.
    hope NYX comes to my and your country soon.