Friday, July 24, 2009


For all you TwiHards out there, just like me. ;) Here's a sneak peek preview of the much awaited New Moon. I sure do hope it's waaay better than Twilight.

Click here if you wanna see Jacob Black shirtless. ;)
Click here if you wanna see Edward Cullen shirtless. :D

After watching it, I had goose bumps. o.O Can't wait to watch it! :D


  1. AHHH I have to admit, I am a die hard fan. Everyone is so into it though...haha but I still love it.
    Team Edward, ya? [:

  2. Hmm. I was a Team Edward kinda girl before, but judging by Taylor's hot bod right now, I think I'm gonna be on Jacob's side. :D

  3. OMG!!! thanks so much for these! di ko pa nakita 'to!!! EDWARD pa din ako all the way!!! i got goosebumps! wah... grabe talaga kakaadik!! can't wait, sana Nov. na.

  4. Nehs: oo nga eh. laki ng improvement ng body ni jacob noh? i love him na! ;)

  5. weee
    i'm a twilight saga fan too!
    i just finished reading new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn.
    hope stephenie meyer finishes midnight sun soon
    can't wait for new moon to hit the cinemas
    although it's the book i hate most among the 4